Clinical Reflexology with Bev Taylor CRM (Dip) MAR

Enhance your Health & Wellbeing with Reflexology @ Butterflies Beauty Retreat

In collaboration with Bev Taylor of Reflexology for Wellbeing we are delighted to offer weekly Reflexology Clinics supporting Women’s Health & Wellbeing at Butterflies Beauty Retreat

Bev holds the Centralia Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology, the highest level of training to become a Clinical Reflexologist in the UK. She furthered her training with Sally Kay, the pioneer of Reflexology for Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) before going on to qualify in Advanced Facial Reflexology under the tutelage of Ziggie Bergman, London’s leading Facial Reflexologist.

Bev is passionate about the benefits of Reflexology and in particular the improvements it brings to women’s health and wellbeing. Whether you have a specific health issue, or simply to help you enjoy the best possible levels of balance and enhanced wellbeing, reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing and gentle holistic therapy.

About Reflexology

Reflexology is a safe and effective holistic therapy where the trained practitioner applies controlled pressure techniques to stimulate, sedate or balance the reflex points on the feet, hands or face.

Based on the premise that the reflex points ‘map’ or correspond to all the systems, organs, glands and parts of the body, reflexology aims to restore balance and encourage the body’s own natural healing abilities.

Whether you choose traditional Foot or Facial Reflexology this wonderful holistic therapy has many benefits including helping to:

· promote relaxation & reduce tension

· reduce stress & anxiety

· improve sleep quality

· support people living with illness

· encourage better circulation of the blood & lymph through the body

· encourage the elimination of waste products & toxins

Clinical Reflexology – Supporting your health & wellbeing aims

The most relaxing treatment you could ever wish to experience. Treatments plans are bespoke with the aim to restore balance, improve wellbeing & bring about a deep sense of relaxation.

Bergman Method Advanced Facial Reflexology – Relieve stress & induce relaxation

With all the wonderful benefits of traditional Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology has the unique effect of promoting a natural radiant glow to the skin. Gentle pressure is applied to the reflex points on the face helping to release muscle tension, relieve stress and induce a deep sense of calm.

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) – Innovation in Reflexology

RLD is an award winning specialist technique which aims to cause an effect on the lymphatic system of the body. Research suggests RLD may help in the management of secondary lymphoedema following treatment for breast cancer as well as other inflammatory auto-immune disorders.

Fertility & Maternity Reflexology – Enhancing your journey

Whether you are seeking to enhance your natural fertility, experiencing problems with conception or just wish to relax and unwind before the little one arrives, reflexology can be used as a safe & supportive therapy.

Cost: £40 (60 minute treatment) Your first appointment includes a health & wellbeing assessment as this enables treatments to be tailored to your individual aims and needs. Please allow 75 – 90 minutes for the initial session. Follow up sessions 60 minutes.


Did you know some private Health Care Plans allow you to claim back part or all of your Reflexology treatments if provided by members of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) or Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)? (Bev is a member of both Associations)

It may be worth checking your policy details to see if you are covered.

Whilst Reflexology is often used alongside conventional medicine, it should not be used in place of seeking professional medical advice. If you are concerned about your health, please always consult your GP first.

Reflexology at Butterflies


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