Elemis Facials

Elemis FacialElemis facials are designed to respect the bodies physiology and work in synergy with the skin, body and mind.  Each treatment uses powerful massage sequences and uses potent actives to ensure therapy shows real scientific results. Elemis Facial

Instant Beauty Boost – 30 minutes – £20.00

Elemis Taster Facial

An introductory facial that provides a quick and instant pick me up for any occasion.

Heavenly Hour Facials – 1 Hour – £40.00

Elemis Facial – Fruit Active Glow

Deeply cleanses the skin using eastern massage techniques and then reconditions, nourishes and renews to give vital radiance.

Elemis Facial – Exotic Moisture Dew

A specialist facial massage is then followed with thirst quenching activities which will help to revive skin to a dewy look.

Herbal Lavender Repair

This facial deep cleanses the skin helping to draw out impurities, refine pores and treat skin breakouts leaving a perfectly balanced face.

Heavenly Experience Facials – 1 Hour 10 minutes – £50.00

Elemis Facials – Oxygen SkinCalm Facial

This facial helps delicate and fragile complexions by offering very gentle massage and calming activities combined with a restructuring japanese silk mask infused with absolute skincalm booster serum.  It helps to relieve redness and offer instant relief for stressed and irritated skin.

Elemis Facial – SOS Purifying Facial

A powerful purifying treatment for congested skin.  A Japanese Sulphur mask infused with Absolute Vita C Booster serum helps to absorb sebum, calms complexion and rebalances oily pores helping to leave a lovely matt complexion.

Elemis Facial – Modern Skin Facial 

Bursting with anti-oxidant minerals and vitamins this treatment helps to purify the skin by removing damaging toxins but also regenerate skin cells and balance sebum.  Leaving rebalanced, remineralised and renewed skin.

Heavenly Expert Facials – 1 hour 15 minutes – £60.00

Elemis Facials – Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Peel

Instantly resurfaces and smooths the face, this peel helps to target skin tone, superficial facial scarring, and fine lines using its 3 targeted enzyme serums.  This system effectively removes the thickening layer of the epidermis helping to bring a refreshed level of evenness and clarity to the face.

Elemis Facials – Visible Brilliance Facial

Combat Ageing, Stressed and Slackened skin.  This facial helps to hydrate the skin which helps to rejuvenate and plump the skin and includes specialist micro-circulatory massage combined with a two phase amino mask which helps to smooth and restore skin radiance.

Elemis Facials – Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial

This anti-wrinkle facial uses specialist lifting massage techniques combined with professional strength anti-ageing formulas to help leave a firmer, uplifted more youthful looking appearance.

Male Facials – 1 Hour 15 minutes – £60.00

Elemis Facials – Skin IQ Facial

An anti-ageing booster for tires and stressed skin.  Time Defence wrinkle delay and Time Defence eye reviver are used to give mens skin an overhaul and helps to combat the effects of heavy shaving, environmental pollution and travel.

Elemis Facials – Urban Cleanse Facial

Helps to eliminate blocked pores, repair skin and neutralise impurities.  This facial helps to reduce sensitivity and provide defence against daily pollutants leaving the skin clear, clean and fresh.