INNO Cosmetic Peels

INNO Cosmetic Peels 

Please book a complimentary consultation two weeks prior to your first treatment.  During the consultation you will be advised on the most suitable peel and preperation product.  Depending on your lifestyle and skin type, weekly peels over four to six weeks will maximise results.

Lightening Vit A Peel – Time Variable – £45-65

An anti-ageing peel that helps to reduce age spots, hyper pigmentation or inflammatory acne.

Skin Recovery Peel – Up to 30 minutes – £65

Designed specifically for problem prone skin by deeply cleansing, exfoliating, freshining, invigorating and clarifying the skin.  Promotes clearer, softer, more radiant and brighter skin.

Mandelage Peel – £65

Skin stimulating and balancing treatment for mild photo ageing and inflammatory acne with firming, brightening and anti-ageing results.

TC Age – £150 ees

Treatment of more moderate wrinkles, skin damage, acne scarring and atrophic stretch marks.  You will experience some down time with this peel but will love the results.

P By P – From £25 

An individual treatment for age spots, bar code and dry skin crusts.

Glycolic Peel – up to 30 minutes – £40

Ideal for mild sun damaged/problem or normal skin in need of a deep cleanse.

Alpha/Beta Peel – up to 30 minutes – £45

Combined Glycolic and Salicylic helps to correct thick, acne prone, scarred, clogged and oily skin

Bio C – up to 30 minutes – £45

Indicated in the first stages of ageing for dull skin or uneven colour a minimal down time peel which gives optimum results and collagen support if you are needing to look your best with a beautiful glow then this is the best peel.