Laser Treatment for Acne

Laser treatment for Acne can greatly reduce the number and severity of lesions, inflammation and the frequency of acne break-outs.

How does Laser Treatment for Acne work?

The treatment effectively targets the bacteria that causes acne, heating the overactive sebaceous gland and reducing sebum output. The gentle heating stimulates collagen improving mild acne scarring and accelerating the healing process.

Am I suitable for treatments?

Almost everyone can be treated with the exception of very dark skinned or tanned individuals. If you are pregnant or taking roacutane a time gap will be required before treatment can commence.

How does the treatment feel?

The treatment for acne is very mildly uncomfortable

What should I expect after treatment?

Immediately after treatment the skin may appear red and have a warm tingling sensation.  A cooling gel will be applied and the sensation will usually disappear within a few hours.

Are there any side affects?

Most people will experience no other side affects other than a subsiding redness to the skin.  Very rarely a small blister could form or the skin may temporarily become slightly lighter or darker.  A patch test will be carried out to ensure that the chance of having side affects is greatly reduced.

How many treatments are necessary?

The number of treatments varies from person to person but typically 6 Laser treatments combined with 6 peels will result in a significant improvement with Laser treatments fortnightly and peels in between.  A typical treatment session is approximately 30 minutes and can be combined with a facial peel.

Treatments from £95