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Nailtiques offers prescriptive manicures to suit you nail type, it provides everything you need for strong and natural nails with healthy growth.  We love this product as it offers effective treatment to weak, brittle neglected nails.  It helps to keep nails in fabulous condition and delivers stunning results.

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A protein feeding flexible gel that cares for your nails whilst providing strength in the form of a permanent polish overlay or full sculpted nail extension.  This is one of our favourites because you can have beautiful nails all the time without damaging your own.

File and Polish – 20 minutes – £14.00

Nailtiques Manicure – 40 minutes – £18.00

French Manicure Polish – Additional £2.00

Luxury Manicure – 60 minutes – £25.00

TTC anti ageing hand peel 30 minutes – £40.00

Bio sculpture Gel Nail Extensions – £40.00

Bio sculpture Overlays/Infills – £25.00

Bio sculpture Nail Repair – £3.00

soak off before overlays – £10.00

soak off and enrichment – £18.00

Nail Art – From £1 per nail