Priori Decoded Peels


Priori Peels – Idebenone – 30 minutes – £45.00

The Superceutical peel 

A series of peels will achieve real rejuvenation with improvement in elasticity, lines, wrinkles, skin texture, tone and clarity.  Your face will feel and look fresh, glowing and will be well hydrated.  This treatment offers effective age management, it is a great treatment for instant skin boosting.

The Superceutical Anti Aging peel prori peels

Ideal for mature wrinkled skin and as a boosting treatment.  It provides dramatic and visible results, particularly in individuals with advanced signs of ageing.  It will help to brighten complexion and reduce the appearance of redness, lines, wrinkles, photo damage leaving skin with improved texture, tone and clarity.  This peel can also be used on the hands.

The Superceutical Anti Pigmentation peel priori peels

A superior brightening and anti-aging peel that provides dramatic and visable results for skin that exhibits uneven skin tones, age, liver, sun spots and melasma and other skin conditions with irregular pigmentation by helping to improves skin texture, tone and clarity.

Deluxe Idebenone Facial – 1 hour – £70.00

A superior boosting facial which incorporates one of the idebenone peels, massage and a repleneshing mask.  These combined create an intensive yet relaxing treatment.

Neck Decolletage – 30 mins £45 or in addition to peels 10 minutes – £20.00 priori peels

Extends the peel to the neck and chest area. Anti aging for the neck and chest helps with creping neck and chest, sun damage and age related spots.

Priori Forte Chemical Peel – Up to 30 minutes – £75-85

Medical Strength peel that use 50-75% Lactic acid, they offer advanced exfoliation, normalise skin renewal skin rates, plump and hydrate from within and decrease signs of ageing.  There is some mild tingling that isn’t painful and no down time is required unlike other chemical peels.  The results are that wrinkles, open pores and scarring appear visibly reduced and skin becomes radiant and firmer.