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CACI Facial Treatments

The award winning CACI Quantum, is the UK’s best selling micro current system and is considered to be the most advanced system of its kind. The treatment, which is both preventative and corrective, works to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, often producing dramatic results and has a vast array of celebrity devotees.

By enabling you to combine several treatment areas of the face and body at the same time, the CACI Quantum, not only achieves fantastic results but also saves you both time and money.


Quantum Body Treatments

Toning session is the equivalent of either:

•360 sit-ups, leg raises or buttock clenches (in Advanced Tone Mode)

Contour Mode – gives added strength and lifts sagging muscles – ideal for bust enhancement, buttock definition and stomach toning,

Lymphatic Mode – helps slimming, toning and cellulite elimination by kick starting the metabolic waste action and stabilizes effects from various diets.

For maximum results we recommend a course of ten CACI sessions, two a week for five weeks and thereafter regular maintenance of one a month/six weeks.


The clear leaders in aromatherapy for over 35 years, Decleor have dedicated themselves to researching the science of it.

Distilled from flowers, leaves, fruit, bark, seeds or roots, essential oils are powerful concentrates of active plant ingredients that act to balance, nourish, repair and beautify the skin.

The fine and delicate nature of essential oils gives them a true affinity with the skin whilst the aroma induces a unique sensation of well-being, making their treatments a truly relaxing and indulgent experience.


Winners of the Best British Brand at the 2010 Beauty Awards, Elemis’ formulation of natural active ingredients and cutting edge technology has enabled it to bring some of the most influential treatments to the market (their pro collagen facial is a must have), making it Britain’s leading luxury spa range.


The pioneering technologies of the ranges are both pharmaceutically and medically endorsed. Discover the science of skin transformation through these amazing product and treatment ranges with key benefits for acne and skin normalisation.

PRIORI® eliminates redness, inflammation, uneven skin tone, brightening, moisturising and smooths out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Put together this range gives you the results you have always wanted.


We stock products from five ranges to give you the very best, all being of the very finest ingredients and beneficial for the skin. These include Bare Minerals, CoffeeBerry®, Vitage®, Blinc and Wonder Weave Mascara.


Only the very best for your fluff control, we have organic tea tree cream wax and specialised hot wax for the more advanced.

Soften your wrinkles with a treatment that is favoured by celebrities. Call 01777 710845