Semi-permanent Make Up

Are you interested in semi-permanent cosmetics?

At Butterflies Beauty Retreat, we can apply semi-permanent make up to enhance your facial features

Using pharmaceutical grade pigments that are placed into the dermal layer of the skin, the process can be used to enhance or correct your natural features or to create the look of perfectly applied make-up.

Semi-permanent cosmetics or make up is suitable for anyone who wants to look their best at all times, anywhere. Just think of the hours you’ll save every week when you don’t have to stand in front of the mirror applying make-up.

It is also ideal for sports people, those who have difficulty applying make-up and who are living with hair loss, vitiligo and scarring.


Where can we apply semi-permanent make-up?

Hairstroke Brows £395
Eyelash Enhancement £250-£395
Eye Liner £395-£450
Lip Enhancement £395-£450
Beauty Mark £75

All prices include one retouch procedure within 3 months of initial treatment.

Recommended every 12-18 months maintenance/colour boost £195.

Are you tired of drawing your eyebrows on? Come to Butterflies Beauty Retreat for semi-permanent cosmetics.
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