Sports Rehabilitation

Butterflies Beauty Retreat is proud to welcome to our new facilities Gary Wright who will be offering sports rehabilitation to compliment our clients requirements.  Gary joins us with 10 years of specialist experience in his field and therefore has an extensive knowledge.

We are able to offer initial screening of injury to identify any potential predisposing factors to muscoskeletal injury and health related disorders.  Once a detailed examination and history of any injuries is completed, a treatment plan is drawn up to employ a range of treatments and exercises to facilitate a reduction of pain, recovery of function and a return to physical activity.  The plan compromises of stages which are designed to target specific areas of the injury.

Postural and Biomechanical assessments to injuries and the body as a whole.  These assessments help to identify factors of cause or potential problems to healthy healing of injuries.

Muscle and Flexibility Testing with specific resistance testing and range of movement on the injured area.

Treatment Plan individually designed to target specific goals and help solve or prevent further problems.

Strengthening and Flexibility Exercises are set for clients to help build strength and range of motion in the injured area.

Sports Massage is a deeper and intensive massage for which is used for general relaxation as well as helping to reduce swelling, muscle spasms and increase circulation to promote healing.  This technique also includes manual stretching and mobilisation to treat specific problems.

Once an initial assessment and treatment (1 hour appointment) is carried out follow up appointments are 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the treatment required.